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Extending the Runway When Times are Tight


If they’re going to survive, startups need money to reach that next milestone. Estimating how long it will take is difficult to assess.


Outside factors such as timing and market conditions are also at play. In recent years, valuations have skyrocketed and plummeted. This roller coaster market often requires startups to hold on for dear life. Many industry veterans advise raising money when you can and not when you absolutely need it, to analyze how much is required to get to the next inflection point, and to save your pennies along the way. Knowing how to be smart with the capital just might save you when you need it most. Join our Founders Circle to learn from common missteps and hear practical tips to extend your runway when times are tight.


  • Stephen Perry, Founder and CEO, Kymanox

    Stephen Perry, Founder and CEO, Kymanox

    Stephen M. Perry has over two decades of experience in biopharmaceutical manufacturing with an emphasis on design engineering, scale-up, start-up, and regulatory approval. Stephen has participated in the FDA commercial approval of more than two dozen unique drugs, devices, biologics, and combination products. His work with novel cancer drugs, including autologous cell and gene therapies, and next generation antibiotics are notable from a technology transfer perspective. Stephen has led numerous multi-million-dollar capital projects and has contributed to several major facility installations and qualifications, which began at the conceptual design phase.


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