Founders Circle

A program for startup founders and C-level executives

Peer learning

Founders Circle is a peer advisory forum for life science startup founders and C-level executives. These discussions are facilitated by industry experts and investment professionals and center on business challenges that all early-stage life science companies face.
Our peer learning environment encourages experience sharing and discussion of innovative strategies for growing, scaling and funding life science startups. Participation is limited and on an invitation only basis.

Learn and grow with a collaborative network of your peers

Gain insight into the challenges that all early stage biotechs face

Build relationships with industry leaders and experienced executives

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Navigating Financial Strategies for Growth


For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Becky Beattie, CEO.

"Just wanted to say that today’s first meeting was very helpful. I think this is a wonderful forum for early-stage founders/CEOs to learn from each other and gain support.”

"Such a high caliber group, and we're proud to be involved.”

"It was truly our pleasure to participate, and attend! What an incredible group of individuals, certainly speaks for the caliber network and community you have built at LaunchBio, thank you for the opportunity to partner.”