Biotech Workshop

A full day experiential program

Empowering Students

The Biotech Career Workshop in Dallas, TX, is an immersive, full-day experience designed specifically for underserved students to foster their interest in biotechnology innovation and entrepreneurship. It aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to pursue successful careers in the biotech industry. The day is thoughtfully crafted to provide hands-on learning opportunities, interactive sessions, and engaging discussions to foster curiosity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. ​​

During the workshop, students will tour BioLabs Pegasus Park, hear from a panel of biotech professionals and entrepreneurs about careers, be presented with a community health problem, and take part in a team project that will “pitch” a solution — the formation of a company, nonprofit or campaign — to solve the real-world public health problem.

Tour a working lab with the site director of BioLabs Dallas

Learn about biotech careers from entrepreneurs and professionals working in the field

Workshop a real-world community health problem on a small team

together with


Make a Difference

Calling all visionary biotech entrepreneurs in the Dallas area! If you possess profound knowledge about the future of the field, we invite you contribute as a mock investor in our upcoming student workshops. Your expertise is sought to judge a pitch competition and inspire young minds with your entrepreneurial and scientific journey. Dedicate just 90 minutes of your time to make a meaningful impact and shape the next generation of innovators!

Volunteer Mentors needed for our April 9 event!

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For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Becky Beattie, CEO.

"It's like a whole new world has opened up. Big brain event for sure."

"This workshop was an eye-opening experience for me. I feel more prepared and confident in making decisions about my future career path."

"I learned so much in just one day. I feel more confident now in expressing myself and working with others"

Programming Success