Let’s Talk About

A program exploring the experiences of POC in biotech

Exploring race & bias

Let’s Talk About is a webinar series that explores the experiences of People of Color in the life sciences. These sessions uncover the issues of race and awareness, and provide actionable takeaways to help make the industry more inclusive.

Let’s Talk About welcomes entrepreneurs, investors, and industry veterans of color to share how diversity creates a competitive advantage, the best practices for increasing diversity in clinical trials, and how to increase diversity in the life sciences every day.

Discover strategies to create change in the workplace and industry

Explore actions and behaviors that make a positive impact in the life sciences

Learn from top executives and investors representing the BIPOC community

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“Thank you for helping startups with your programming, it's been so beneficial and I'm grateful for finding you.”

“Honest and raw­—tackling discrimination head on.”

"This is a great opportunity to empower all races to take action instead of being a spectator. Thank you panel!!