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Strategic Outsourcing

Successful Outcomes through Lasting Relationships


Join us as we explore the critical decisions involved in choosing the right partner for research, clinical trials, manufacturing and regulatory support to help your company grow.


4:00 Registration and Networking
4:30 Panel Discussion
5:30 BioLabs Tour
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5:30-7:00 Networking and Refreshments


Outsource partners play a crucial role in product development. Understanding when to leverage outside support and when to utilize in-house expertise can help founders better manage cash flow and reach their program milestones more efficiently. Knowing when it is necessary to utilize multiple partners is also important to reduce risks and avoid costly delays. Learn how to effectively evaluate your options, find the right CRO or CDMO for your needs and determine which safeguards to put in place to protect your IP. Experts will share proven strategies to help growing companies establish effective communication plans and build trusting relationships to work seamlessly with partners.

This program brings together a distinguished group of experts, industry veterans and entrepreneurs who will share their experiences, insights and best practices. Together, we aim to provide valuable guidance to biotech startups as they navigate the complex world of outsourcing, ensuring a path to success in this dynamic landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and set your startup on the right course!


  • Noushin Dunkelman

    Noushin Dunkelman, Founder and President, MaxSynergy Consulting

    Noushin Dunkelman, founder of MaxSynergy Consulting, has over 35 years of product development,  management, and organizational development experience in startup to midsize  companies. After years of working on the technical side, she decided to  refocus her career in helping companies to optimize their organizational effectiveness. In her role at MaxSynergy, Noushin helps companies reach their goals by identifying  areas that interfere with their performance.

  • John Kamins

    John Kamins, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Evotec

    John has been with Evotec for the past 9 years, currently serving as Sr. Vice President of Business Development. Prior to joining Evotech, he had leadership roles at  Caprion Proteomics, Invitrogen /  Thermo Fisher, GE Healthcare / Amersham Biosciences. Throughout his career he has successfully led cross-functional commercial teams, collaborating closely with scientific operations to develop and execute highly complex initiatives for collaborative research programs across all therapeutic areas.

  • Stewart Abbot

    Stewart Abbot, PhD, CSO Turnstone Biologics

    Stewart is Chief Scientific Officer of Turnstone Biologics. He is a cell and molecular biologist with over 20 years of experience in developing novel drugs. Stewart has championed and led the development of four novel advanced cell- and stem cell-based product platforms, including the initiation of the development of Abecma (idecabtagene vicleucel), and over 10 distinct clinical-stage product candidates have emerged from groups that he has led. He and his groups have secured over $40MM in competitive grant funding.

  • Stephane Richard

    Stephane Richard, PhD, Founder of GEN2X LLC. and CEO Roowin Inc.

    Stephane is the founder of Gen2X LLC, an international platform providing access to strategic resources and expertise for biotech and pharma. He is also acting as CEO of Roowin Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of Roowin S.A. Previously, Stephane has led Curematch Inc., a precision oncology company from inception to a deal with Servier. Stephane also founded French BioBeach, an organization promoting BIO business between SoCal and European life science communities.