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An immersive, full-day experience exposing students to STEM careers

BioLabs Pegasus Park

Biotech Career Workshop

Providing students with STEM skills and resources in preparation for biotech careers


The Biotech Career Workshop is an immersive, full-day experience designed specifically for students to foster their interest in biotechnology and entrepreneurship. It aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to pursue successful careers in the biotech industry while encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. The day is thoughtfully crafted to provide hands-on learning opportunities, interactive sessions, and engaging discussions to foster curiosity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. ​​

During the workshop, students will tour BioLabs Pegasus Park, hear from a panel of biotech professionals and entrepreneurs about careers, be presented with a community health problem and take part in a team project that will “pitch” a solution — the formation of a company, nonprofit or campaign — to solve the real-world public health problem. Students will embark on a transformative journey during the Biotech Career Workshop, discovering the endless possibilities that STEM and biotechnology offer for their future careers.


9:00am  Arrival

9:15am  Intro/history of LaunchBio/BioLabs

9:30am  Public health talk

10:00am Rotation 30 min sessions

  • BioLabs Tour
  • Introduction to Pitching
  • Design Thinking session


11:30am  Group work on pitch / infographic

12:00pm  Lunch

12:20pm  Group work on pitch / infographic

1:00pm  Three minute pitch sessions from groups

1:30pm  Feedback / group reflection

1:40pm  Small group career discussion with volunteers

2:00pm  Dallas College presentation