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Equity 101

Financially empowering life science entrepreneurs


Understanding the intricacies of financial markets, valuation methodologies and cap table management is essential for success in life sciences entrepreneurship. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions about their ventures’ financial strategies. The webinar will provide a high-level overview of the state of the finance market, delve into the nuances of 409A valuation and offer insights into effective cap table management.


  1. Introduction to Financial Landscape (15 minutes)
    • Setting the stage: The intersection of life sciences and finance.
    • Macro overview of the current state of financial markets and trends impacting life science startups.
    • Recognizing opportunities and challenges in fundraising and investment.
  2. Demystifying 409A Valuation (15 minutes)
    • Understanding the importance of 409A valuation for startups.
    • Key concepts and methodologies: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Comparable Company Analysis, Market Approach, etc.
    • Factors influencing valuation: IP, market potential, competition, and more.
    • Case studies and real-life examples of successful valuation strategies.
  3. Cap Table Management Strategies (15 minutes)
    • Importance of maintaining an accurate and well-organized cap table.
    • Common pitfalls and challenges in cap table management.
    • Equity allocation and distribution among founders, employees, and investors.
    • Leveraging technology tools for efficient cap table management and scenario analysis.
  4. Panel Discussion: Insights from Industry Experts (10 minutes)
    • Engaging conversation with seasoned entrepreneurs and financial experts.
    • Q&A session: Addressing participants’ questions and concerns.
  5. Best Practices and Actionable Steps (5 minutes)
    • Summarizing key takeaways from the webinar.
    • Practical steps for applying the concepts learned in the real world.
    • Resources and references for further explorations


  • Katie Cocreham

    Katie Cocreham, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Morgan Stanley

    Katie Cocreham joined Morgan Stanley in October of 2019 as a Relationship Manager for the public market clients and worked with some of the largest public companies (i.e. Uber, Expedia, Qualtrics). Katie joined MS Global Private Markets in October of 2022 and works with internal and external partnerships.  Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, she was with Charles Schwab for just under 9 years working with Stock Plan Services/Executive Services Trading and on to Relationship Management in Designated Brokerage/Compliance Solutions.

  • Steve Liu

    Steven Liu - Head of Valuation Services, Morgan Stanley

    Steve is responsible for leading the valuation practice and oversees client engagement, strategic partnerships and business development activities to support the Global Private Markets group. Prior to this, Steve worked with Deloitte and KPMG for more than a decade in New York and San Francisco respectively, managing both domestic and international clients that ranged from startup to Fortune 100 companies. He has received the designation, Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA), from the American Society of Appraisers in Business Valuation, and holds his FINRA Series 63 and 79 licenses.

  • Caleb Frischknecht

    Caleb Frischknecht, CEP. AVP || Manager, Solutions Architects

    Caleb started his career in finance and equity at Fidelity Investments, working with their stock plan services group. In 2018 he joined Morgan Stanley at Work on a newly formed CSM team for Global Private Markets, and eventually transitioned to the Solutions Architect role, becoming an expert on the Shareworks platform. He obtained his Certified Equity Professional (CEP) designation in 2022 and currently maintains his FINRA 7 & 63 licenses.

  • Patrick Huddie

    Patrick Huddie, PhD. Partner, Westbury Group

    Dr. Patrick Huddie is an experienced investment banker with entrepreneurial and operations experience. He has advised many companies about mergers and acquisitions, including management buyouts and blank check acquisitions, as well as all types of debt and equity finance. He is a managing member of the Chesapeake Emerging Opportunities Club, an early-stage fund based in Columbia, Maryland with investments in biotechnology, alternative energy, medical devices and wireless technology, and is consequently a director of Chesapeake PERL Inc. and Fiberight LLC.