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Growing Young: The Longevity Revolution

How the Anti-aging Field is Shaping The Human Existence


Growing old is a fact of life for all living creatures. Humans have been fighting the signs and symptoms of aging for decades; with scientists focused on finding new ways to cosmetically prevent the physical effects of aging and to develop treatments for age-related diseases and conditions.

With the emerging field of anti-aging, research is now looking further upstream to focus on the root cause of aging and to leverage new and innovative technology in an effort to turn back the clock on age-related diseases. The goal of extending life expectancy—or at least allowing humans to live healthier into old age—has already garnered the attention of several tech billionaires including Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel. As a result, start-ups in this space are popping up more frequently and attracting interest from VCs.


Join us to explore the emerging field of anti-aging and the revolutionary technologies employed to both understand and address the aging process. We’ll hear from industry experts, start-ups and investors on what is driving innovation, the opportunities for biotech start-ups, the investment trends shaping the sector and how lifespan technology can successfully fit into a biotech model designed with a limited window of time for investment.  We’ll also discuss ethical implications and societal impacts surrounding anti-aging interventions.


  • Daniel Oliver

    Dan Oliver, MBA, CEO & Co-Founder, Rejuvenate Bio

    Daniel Oliver is a co-founder and the CEO of Rejuvenate Bio, a startup out of George Church’s Lab at Harvard Medical School. Prior to Rejuvenate Bio, Daniel was awarded a Blavatnik Fellowship during which he co-founded Voxel8. Voxel8 was named one of the top 9 innovations at CES and one of the top 50 most innovative companies by the MIT Technology Review. Daniel received his MBA from Harvard Business School and has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business from the California Institute of Technology.

  • Anthony Molina

    Anthony J.A. Molina, PhD, Professor & Scientific Director, Stein Institute for Research on Aging & UCSD Center for Healthy Aging

    Anthony Molina, PhD, is a Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego and serves as the Research Chief in the Division of Geriatrics, Gerontology, and Palliative Care. Dr. Molina is the Scientific Director for the Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging and the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging.  The overarching goal of Dr. Molina’s research is to promote healthy aging and to advance precision healthcare for older adults. His team is leading efforts to: 1) understand the multi-faceted factors influencing the cognitive and physical abilities of older adults, 2) develop improved diagnostic and prognostic tools for age-related diseases and disorders, and 3) identify strategies for promoting healthy longevity.

  • David Crean LaunchBio

    David Crean, PhD, MBA, Managing Partner, Cardiff Advisory

    David H. Crean, Ph.D. has carved a distinguished career over three decades, excelling in mergers & acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and investments across the life sciences and healthcare industries. His expertise spans executive roles within biopharmaceutical companies, investment banking, private equity, and venture capital. At the helm of Cardiff Advisory LLC as a Managing Partner, Dr. Crean specializes in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate partnering, valuations, and strategic advisory services, focusing on the life science and healthcare sectors.

  • Alex Aravanis

    Alex Aravanis, PhD, MD, CEO & Co-Founder Moonwalk Biosciences

    Alex Aravanis is CEO and co-founder of Moonwalk Biosciences, Inc. Prior to Moonwalk, Alex was Illumina’s Chief Technology Officer, SVP, and Head of Research and Product Development. Under his leadership, Illumina launched the industry’s leading products for genomics-based research and clinical applications, including whole genome sequencing, comprehensive genomic profiling of cancer, COVID-Seq, and the most advanced AI tools for interpreting genomic information. Alex is an experienced entrepreneur and was involved in founding several start-ups in life sciences. Most recently, he co-founded GRAIL Bio where he served as Chief Scientific Officer and Head of R&D.

  • Rubén Darío Flores Saaib

    Rubén Darío Flores Saaib, PhD, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Regain BioMedicals

    Rubén also serves as the Interim Chief Executive Officer at Regain BioMedicals, a startup developing a novel device to treat essential tremor, a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide.