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A Disease Foundation Forum


Invest in Cures NTX Session 4

Committing to a Cure


Disease foundations are mission driven, with a commitment to fund research, improve disease education and advocate for their patients and stakeholders. These organizations play a key role in fostering collaboration amongst scientists around the world and across disciplines, providing seed and early-stage funding and flexibility for innovative ideas and research, all while maintaining a long-term vision and an unwavering commitment to research. Join the panelists as they talk about their research and funding strategies and priorities for improving prevention, developing early-detection tools and advancing targeted therapies and ultimately cures.

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  • Kathleen Otto, CEO, BioNTX

    Kathleen Otto, CEO, BioNTX

    Kathleen M. Otto, CEO of BioNTX, a not-for-profit industry trade organization, affiliated with the Biotechnology Innovation Association, www.BIO.org, based in Washington D.C. BioNTX is the bridge between businesses and job opportunities, providing direct cost savings services, networking events, and educational programming to the bioscience and healthcare community in North Texas.  Ms. Otto most recently served as the Executive Director of BioBAT, Inc., the New York City Science and Technology Center at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

  • Alice L. Pomponio, Managing Director, American Cancer Society BrightEdge

    Alice L. Pomponio, Managing Director, American Cancer Society BrightEdge

    Alice Pomponio is an impact investor and social innovation entrepreneur.   She currently serves as Managing Director of BrightEdge, American  Cancer Society’s impact investment fund that fights cancer with  patient-centric innovation by investing in early-stage oncology  companies. Her American Cancer Society volunteer leadership includes  past Chair Eastern New England Board of Directors and National Board  Member of American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. She is on  faculty at Harvard-MIT HST Sloan Healthcare Ventures where she teaches  biomedical innovation and healthcare entrepreneurship.

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