A Reflection on Invest in Cures

Invest in Cures stands as a beacon of collaboration and innovation within the realm of healthcare and disease research. This full-day forum, meticulously crafted to address the pressing need for accelerated therapy development and cures, served as a nexus for 140 impassioned attendees. Assembled under one roof were stakeholders ranging from renowned foundation leaders to tireless advocates and visionary entrepreneurs, all committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the fight against diseases.

The overarching theme of the forum centered on the transformative power of impact investing wielded by disease foundations. With the traditional models of research and development proving insufficient in addressing the complexities of rare diseases, the spotlight was cast upon innovative approaches that harness the potential of impact investing. Attendees delved deep into discussions, dissecting the nuances of this emerging trend and its implications for expediting the translation of research breakthroughs into tangible therapies.

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At the heart of Invest in Cures San Francisco were the insights and expertise offered by 20 distinguished speakers and panelists. These luminaries, drawing from their diverse backgrounds in philanthropy, biotechnology, and advocacy, shared invaluable perspectives and strategies aimed at overcoming the multifaceted challenges inherent in rare disease research. 

Pierre-Axel Monternier, CEO of Reventus Pharma, attended the forum on a travel fellowship and had this to say about his experience:

I liked the global experience shared by investors, philanthropic venture organizations and biotech. The panels were diverse enough in terms of experience and background. As a French-based company willing to develop activities in the US, it was a really good first contact with the US ecosystem. It gives clues about VC and investors’ expectations and their point of view. There were also helpful general tips for entrepreneurs at the early stage.

Throughout the forum, attendees were not merely passive spectators but active participants, engaging in dynamic exchanges and forging connections that transcend organizational boundaries. From impassioned debates on policy reform to brainstorming sessions on novel funding mechanisms, Invest in Cures served as a catalyst for catalyzing actionable change. It fostered a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flourished, alliances were forged, and, most importantly, hope thrived for patients and families affected by rare diseases.

Invest in Cures stands as a beacon of collaboration and innovation within the realm of healthcare and disease research.

Thanks again to our co hosts UCSF and California Life Sciences, to our Presenting Sponsor BioProcure/Prendio and Impact Sponsor Chiesi and for the support of Fondation Ipsen, under the aegis of Fondation de France. 

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