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LaunchBio and Prendio are two organizations bound by a common mission: to foster the growth and success of entrepreneurs navigating the intricate landscape of startup and early-stage life science companies. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and empowerment, these entities offer a myriad of resources, guidance, and strategic insights tailored to the unique needs of burgeoning ventures in the life sciences sector.

At the core of their shared mission lies a deep-seated belief in the transformative potential of entrepreneurship to drive meaningful change and propel scientific advancements forward. Recognizing the inherent challenges and uncertainties that accompany the journey of building a life science startup, LaunchBio and Prendio have positioned themselves as indispensable allies, offering a robust ecosystem of support designed to nurture budding entrepreneurs from inception to fruition.

Prendio system

All of the Features You Need and None that You Don’t. Prendio is eProcurement, Simplified.

Prendio is a streamlined procure-to-pay solution built specifically for the biotech and life science vertical. Scientists, finance leaders, and venture firms save significant time and money using Prendio to automate administrative tasks, enhance collaboration, provide real-time insights, and streamline vendor management. From approvals to order placement and all the way through to ERP integration, Prendio helps accelerate R&D by allowing your team more time and resources to focus on advancing scientific breakthroughs.

The user-friendly Prendio software makes it easy for our consultants to issue payments on our clients’ behalf. With the push of a button, unpaid vouchers are bridged to our clients’ ERP system of choice—it’s a fast, simple, and pain-free process. When our clients use Prendio it makes our process more efficient.

Gregg Beloff, Founding Managing Director, Danforth Advisors

Unlike other eProcurement solutions, Prendio was built specifically for the life science vertical. They designed a simple, streamlined, and affordable procure-to-pay solution that improves efficiency and decreases administrative burden, speeding research and reducing development cycle time. Standout features include:

  • Punchouts
  • Easy Integration
  • Paperless Three Way Match
  • Robust Reporting
  • Simple Request Dashboard
  • No Long Term Contracts

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