Unlocking Venture Capital Compensation: Exclusive Insights from Jody Thelander

Jody Thelander, a leading compensation executive and head of J. Thelander Consulting, will review real-time compensation data and trends for venture capital firms across all asset classes and locations at our upcoming NextGen VC Forum. We recently sat down with her to learn more about what to expect from her session. Learn more in this Q&A:

LaunchBio: How does the compensation for venture capital associates differ from that of other roles in the venture capital industry, such as partners or analysts? 

Jody: There are various compensation levers available for investment firms including base salary, bonuses, and carried interest. For venture capital associates, the levers are utilized differently than a partner or more senior role

LaunchBio: Are there any trends or changes in venture capital associate compensation that you’ve observed recently? What factors are driving these changes? 

Jody: Associates are still competitive roles to fill. Depending on the firm, associate compensation has stayed stable with the most attractive candidates still driving compensation towards the higher percentiles.

LaunchBio: What factors influence the compensation of venture capital associates? Are there any industry standards or benchmarks that firms typically follow?

Jody: Associates, like other roles, are paid based on the type of investment firm and total assets under management (AUM). The firm’s compensation strategy also impacts compensation and how far down in the organization carried interest is given.

LaunchBio: What advice would you give to aspiring venture capital associates regarding negotiating compensation packages?

Jody: Be armed with information and real-time, reliable data. 

LaunchBio: What can associates expect to learn on May 16 at the NexGen VC Forum?

Jody: I will provide market data, analysis, insights and trends so you can be prepared for your next opportunity.

The NextGen VC Forum takes place in San Francisco on May 16 and features Jody and others. Attendance is by invitation only. Learn more and request an invite here.


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