Nurturing Young Biotech Innovators: a Look Inside LaunchBio’s Career Workshops

Biotech Career Workshop Event

Behind every breakthrough lies a dedicated community of scientists, entrepreneurs and visionaries shaping the future of life sciences. At LaunchBio, fostering this community is not just a goal but a mission. Through our series of Biotech Career Workshops, we are empowering the next generation of biotech leaders one high school student at a time. To date, LaunchBio has hosted eight Biotech Career Workshops serving nearly 300 students from Dallas Fort Worth. These workshops are immersive, half-day experiences designed to inspire and educate. They introduce the next generation to the biotech industry and ignite a passion for innovation and problem-solving.

During the workshops, students tour BioLabs Pegasus Park, learn from a panel of biotech professionals and entrepreneurs about careers and take part in a team pitch competition that will present a solution through the formation of a company to solve the real-world public health problem. To date, 36 local volunteers have contributed their time and expertise to make the world of life sciences come to life for the attendees at the workshops. Volunteers contribute as mock investors during the pitch and offer insights into their entrepreneurial and scientific career paths.

It was my first time pitching an idea and presenting it in front of people. I’m glad I got to learn how to work on a team to come up with a real-world solution. This field trip was definitely a learning experience, and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity.

Genesis, local student and recent attendee
Pitching an idea

In 2023, students focused on tackling the complexities of diabetes. This year, the workshops have addressed the growing concerns surrounding vaping. Students are rising to the challenge, leveraging their creativity to develop strategies for prevention and intervention. Their ideas have ranged from wearable technologies to support hotlines to prescriptions that taste like candy.

App idea Biotech Career Workshop

Our Biotech Career Workshops are more than just learning experiences – they are opportunities for students to explore their potential and discover the impact they can make through the world of biotechnology. The light bulb moments that take place during these workshops have the potential to be transformative for the students.

Kiah Chism, LaunchBio’s workforce development coordinator

With each workshop, new minds are inspired, new ideas are born, and new pathways are paved. Students embark on a transformative journey during the Biotech Career Workshop, discovering the endless possibilities that STEM and biotechnology offer for their future careers. Click here to inquire about setting up a workshop for your students. Click here to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Students at Biotech Career Workshop


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